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CJ and Adam

We live in a world short on kindness. Because of this, people who can display kindness and care are heroes.

I met Adam Callahan more than 20 years ago and am proud to say I was one of his first patients. Anyone who has been lucky enough to know Adam professionally, knows that he is knowledgeable, caring and that he listens very well. These things make him an amazing and trustworthy caregiver, they are also secondary to the fact that he is the kindest person I have ever met.

As Adam remained my primary healthcare provider, we became friends, even joining the same fraternity. When I began my second major struggle with addiction, Adam was there. He listened and he did everything he could to help me and I fell deeper and deeper into the lies and self-destruction that define substance abuse. He tried to help me medically and he tried to talk to me and a friend. He never judged me or ridiculed me. He kept me on, long after most health care providers would have terminated their relationship with a patient. He was also there as a friend, taking my phone calls and returning my texts, even though I was completely lost.

Drug addicts are abusive, and they lie. They take advantage of those looking to help them. Adam witnessed these behaviors from me and never abandoned me. I was drowning and Adam did everything he could to make sure I had a life jacket, a way to get back to the shore.

After five years of heavy substance abuse with my life in shambles, I came out of jail, started a program and began to get my life together. As normalcy returned to my life, I needed healthcare, and did not know where to turn. I happened to see Adam work and he treated me as he always had, with kindness.

To me, Adam Callahan is the very definition with what a healthcare provider should be. In his office, it is always my best interest and health that is addressed. While this seems like it should be a common standard for providers, it is not. Adam is special. Adam is different. Adam is always kind. I could never repay or even explain all he has done for me, so I am incredibly grateful to have this opportunity to thank him.

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